Saturday, September 20, 2014

August 2014 | My Birthday

A little late (almost 2 months) - but better late than never.

Thanks for those of you that joined me - and those of you that weren't able to - here's to next time.

Without family and friends - there's nothing.

the family part 1.

the family part 2.

Katie, Tino, Areg, Hunter. 
The Dream Team!!

Look at these guys!


anto in deep thought. 


Alex, Sterling, Emmie

smoked out bro.

serban, alex, narek, and me.

only the 12 year? geez.
a sensual moment with hunter robert baker //

hiii erin!!

alex winston - stealing everyone's heart.

real mature guys.

ok let's try again. look at narek!!

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ultimate babe alert.

the dream team ova hea.

maria, serb, me, jord, alex

katie, tino, serb

1 word - valentino. 

areg holds the G. cake.

the devil burns withinhim - sterling creepin hard.
this is where the magic happens..happened?


my moma made me tiramisu with a blueberry g in the center with a period after it. that pretty much summarizes everything.

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